A Message to Our Students
Posted on 08/28/2020
I’d like to give a super special shout out to our North Davis students, our incredible Dolphins!

Right now some of you are excited to see what each new day might bring, but I also know some of you may not be all that into this distance learning thing. I’m sure you all miss coming to our school, playing with friends, and getting help from your teachers in your classrooms. We miss all of that, too. We would much rather be together at school, however we also know how important it is that we are staying safe. I want you to know, though, that your teachers and I, and all the grown-ups at North Davis, are still here for you, even from a distance.

We are even more motivated to ensure that you feel successful, learn lots, make new friends, and continue to develop the wonderful friendships you already have. We want you to be excited to come to school on Zoom, and we want you to feel safe to ask questions or to ask for help.

Talk to your family or your teacher about what you need to make distance learning the best it can be. Your voice matters. How can we grown-ups help you SWIM?

You are doing an amazing job. Thanks for showing up. Thanks for engaging with your classmates and your teacher when it might feel strange. Thanks for taking risks and remembering that mistakes are proof that you are trying. You are doing great.

Now, eat a good breakfast, brush that hair, gather your materials, and get ready for a great day. You can do this, Dolphins. I believe in you. We all believe in you.

Mrs. Roseen