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We are thankful for the opportunity to support all students at North Davis and build a Maria Cook
comprehensive school counseling program that focuses on academic, personal/social and career development. The elementary school years set the foundation for developing the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for children to become healthy, competent and confident learners. School counselors work in collaboration with school staff, parents/guardians, families, and the community to help students meet their full potential. We focus on removing barriers to success through preventative/proactive efforts as well as responding to needs as they arise. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our role or Alicia Perry to seek support for your child. To learn more about school counseling, please contact us and/or visit www.schoolcounselor.org

School Counseling Program Overview

School Counseling Core Curriculum

  • Counseling lessons are done throughout the year in all classrooms for all students. Counseling lessons are part of the general education program (individual referral is not needed).
  • Lessons address a variety topics such as conflict resolution, communication, growth mindset, problem solving, coping with stress/big feelings.

Responsive Services

  • Meeting the immediate needs and concerns of students
  • Consultation and collaboration with teachers, families, and specialists
  • Small group education and support
  • Individual Counseling (brief, solution focused)
  • Referrals to community resources and mental health providers
  • Support in crisis situations

Individual Student Planning

  • 504 Plan case manager
  • Collaboration through Student Support Team (ongoing) and Special Education teams (as needed)

System Support

  • Program planning & evaluation
  • Collaborating with school/district initiatives (such as PBIS)

How students are referred

  • Students can access school counseling support through parent/guardian, teacher, or self referral.
  • Families/staff may use the DJUSD Social Emotional Support form
  • North Davis students may seek counselor support by visiting our room (T-45) during a recess, asking an adult at home or school to contact us, or dropping a note with their first and last name in the black mailbox by our door.

School counseling services are a part of the general education program, accessible to all students. Consent is required for small group and individual counseling with the following exceptions:

  • As per California law, children age 12 and older may consent to counseling services.
  • In the case of a crisis, a school counselor may provide 1-2 sessions for a student, regardless of age, to determine the scope of the problem and to apply problem-solving and crisis resolution techniques. Parents/guardians will be informed of the crisis counseling activities and any future sessions will require consent for children ages 11 and under.

Trust is the cornerstone of school counseling. Every effort will be made to maintain confidentiality. School counselors have the responsibility to respect and safeguard the right to privacy and confidentiality with the exception of certain limited conditions (safety issues [to prevent serious and foreseeable harm to self and/or others], legal issues and professional responsibilities).

School counselors balance their responsibility to students with the legal and inherent rights of parents/guardians to be the guiding voice in their children's lives. Parent/guardians can expect general feedback so they are equipped to support their child and act in their best interest.

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Maria Cook (Monday-Wednesday)
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Alicia Perry (Wednesday-Friday)
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Phone: 530-757-5475, ext. 158

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