SWIM Expectations

Behavior Expectations,
Supports and Consequences


NDE Dolphins S.W.I.M. We “Stay Safe;” “Work it Out;” “Increase Learning;” and “Make Responsible Choices.” When we S.W.I.M., we focus on these behaviors:

Stay Safe: Use self-control, respect personal space, be an upstander/do the right thing.
Work It Out: Be a problem solver, cooperate/be a team player, ask for help if it’s needed
Increase Learning: Be prepared, participate, persevere/learn from mistakes
Make Responsible Choices: Respect others/be kind, follow directions, be honest

For more information on what SWIM looks like in all areas of our school (ex: Playground, MPR, Library), please look for signs posted around campus or ask your child’s teachers. More information may be found on our website as this school year progresses.


A team of NDE teachers, staff, administrators and parents have developed engaging, relevant and creative activities to teach and recognize positive behaviors. This includes:

  • Lessons and examples to teach students expectations throughout campus.
  • Dolphin Dollars - Staff pass out these small tickets to recognize students’ positive behaviors on a daily basis. Students collect them in a designated spot in their class and use them for special privileges or rewards that are tailored to their grade level. Special drawings will also occur at monthly assemblies.
  • SWIM to Success Positive Referrals - Staff recognize 1-3 students each week for SWIM behavior. One copy is sent home with the student and the other to the office for a drawing done on weekly Wednesday morning announcements.


Our goal is for students to learn and practice positive behavior by proactively teaching them our school expectations and acknowledging them for positive contributions. If negative behaviors arise, we will provide timely and appropriate reminders or consequences with the purpose of supporting their growth and helping them learn from mistakes. We use our school expectations and discipline protocol to determine appropriate next steps.

Please visit the district website for detailed information about the DJUSD Standards of Student Behavior.


Part of our protocol for handling behavior concerns is the Discipline Referral Form. The purpose of this form is to 1) Establish direct communication between school and home regarding behavior issues or concerns, and
2) Help NDE staff identify larger trends in problem behavior on campus so we can teach, reteach, and better support student learning through purposeful interventions.

The Discipline Referral Form is not necessarily a sign of severe behavior concerns. This form is completed for both minor and major behavior issues. Parents will be contacted (by phone or email) if a form is filled out for your child and a copy will be sent home. A Discipline Referral Form is not part of a student’s cumulative record. It is not meant to take the place of a conversation with your child’s teacher. We hope it will guide discussion between parents and teachers.


Parents are key partners in promoting a positive social culture at NDE. Children benefit greatly when there is a strong connection between their home and school. Thank you for supporting this work by:

  • Posting a SWIM sign (see above) somewhere your child can see it.
  • Congratulate your child for the special honors and recognition they receive through Dolphin Dollars and SWIM to Success Positive Referrals.
  • Incorporate SWIM language to acknowledge your child's positive behaviors at home or outside of school.
  • Review the Discipline Referral Form privately and consider if a conversation with your child about the concern is helpful, and if so, when and how to talk with them about the concern. One powerful question to ask your child is what they will do to make things better with the people impacted by their actions. Feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher(s) and school counselors who are available to assist you in this process.
  • Consider if a consequence at home would be helpful for your child given the concerns. Since Discipline Referral Forms address both minor and major concerns, consequences at home may or may not be needed. If you think timely and meaningful consequences at home would support their growth, you might choose one of the following: loss of a privilege, no screen time for the day, increased supervision/decrease in independent activities, restriction from electronic device/cell phone usage.


Parent engagement and involvement is vital to NDE’s continuing work of deepening and strengthening our positive school culture. Please reach out to your child’s teachers, school counselors or Principal with questions and/or feedback. General PTA Meetings and School Climate meetings are times meaningful topics aimed at supporting parents and students are discussed. Those meetings are open to all parents. Please watch school communications carefully for dates/times. Thank you for joining us in this important work and for the opportunity to work with your wonderful student(s)!


At North Davis Elementary, our goal is to create a social culture that encourages positive behaviors and discourages problem behaviors so that NDE is a safe place where students achieve academically and build positive relationships with each other and adults. To that end, we use a school-wide, evidence based framework called Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). We intentionally teach all students the behaviors we expect, acknowledge their positive choices, and provide appropriate and timely reminders and consequences. We focus on teaching, reteaching, and supporting student growth in all areas of the school. (Adapted from Illinois PBIS Project).